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Locate or Find Missing Persons in France, Monaco and Italy

find Missing persons in France


Find Missing Persons in France, Monaco, Italy - Level One

Blanket database searches across France, Monaco or Italy. This provides excellent results to find missing persons in France or locate missing people in Italy. This is an effective method in any European country. It's a fast and cost effective method providing the individual isn't utilizing good evasive techniques.

200 €

find Missing persons in italy


Locate Missing People in France, Monaco $ Italy - Level Two

Focused database search within one European city. Very effective when the city of residence is known; This is often a follow-up to a Level One search. This is effective against moderate subterfuge. It's our most common technique requested to find missing persons in France or to locate missing persons in Italy.

300-500 € depending on location.

find Missing persons in monaco


Missing Persons Investigations in Europe - Level Three

This is accessing very sensitive databases such as banking, telephone and medical records.

500 € +.

find Missing persons in England


Follow Up Assignments

Once located, we can organize due diligence inquiries, process serving or private investigations from any of our multiple affiliates. We can also accompany or represent you should you need to physically meet with them.

Prices vary on location and third-party fees.

What to Expect

I'm an information broker not a private investigator. I won't "investigate"; I just sell data. Please understand that nobody can guarantee that any one method will always find a missing person in France. Our success rate is 65% and I believe that we are amongst the best in Europe. Beware of anybody guaranteeing success or offering "money back guarantees". We can promise you that we will access privileged databases and do everything within our ability to find your missing person within the scope of the level of investigation that you've choosen.

Payment and Time Estimates

We accept Credit and Debit cards, Bank Transfers, PayPal and Cryptocurrency. Payments are in advance. Level One searches take less than a week to complete. Level Two missing person searches take around 14 days. Level Three missing person investigations usually last a short time but are intense. All searches conclude with a full report.

Let's Get Started!

In order to move forward, please fill out the contact form below. We'll E-mail you back within 24-48 business hours for some preliminary information and set up an appointment for us to talk on the phone or have a video conference call. Due to the nature of the service we are providing, we will have questions and require details to better assist you. The more we know, the better our chances are of finding your missing person. Everything is strictly confidential.

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